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Agnes Gitonga

Kenyan Executive Director

As co-founder and director of Gihon Women Centre, Agnes has worked with women and children for more than 15 years. She has spent the last six of those years serving survivors of HIV and gender-based violence in Kitengela. Agnes is among very few women who have chosen to be a voice to the voiceless women and children who suffer in silence. She has also worked with girls affected by female genital mutilation (FGM) and continues to help the victims heal as well as get the communities. Her passion for justice and innate leadership ability only further shine in her Church community and at Rehoboth Learning Centre, where she teaches. After registration, Agnes will serve as our Kenyan Executive Director and lead our operations on the ground.


Keren Wachuka

Director of Communications & Fundraising

Keren Happuch is a creative arts director who is passionate about human rights has worked with both women and children in different capacities for a 5 years volunteering at Gihon Women Center, International Christian Church and is the founder a studio called Harpy Arts Studio which helps heal hearts through arts.

She is a French student at Alliance Francaisé where she is also in the performing arts studio. She is very vocal about women rights and fights for the minority groups while being a really good communicator across different age groups. She is currently running as the Director of Communications and directions at Sikhona Rescue Centre and her passion drives her to see the Sikhona vision and mission up and running.


Mary Kimuyu


Mary Nzilani has been working with the kids at Rehoboth baby care. Since she started 3 years ago all the parents have really enjoyed the best services. She was recommended by the public health officer in 2018 and 2019 as one of the cleanest caregiver. Her experience has earned her a position of the house mother in Sikhona Rescue Center.

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Grace Muriithi

Community Development Student, Intern

With a Bachelor's in Community Resource Management, and a certification in Technical Training for Community Development and Social Work in progress, Grace Muriithi has a unique skillset for curriculum development in the humanitarian context. Moreover, her experience working with Gihon Women's Empowerment Centre,  the Mavoko Children's Office, and HAART (Awareness Against Human Trafficking) Kenya make her an unparalleled asset to our management team. Grace leverages her education, experience and local knowledge to lead our educational programs.


Nino Wende Mwanzile

Psychology Student, Intern

Nino Wendo, is a young aspiring psychologist. She is very passionate about women, their position in society and how that affects their mental health and their worldview. Her goal is to get her degree in psychology and use the knowledge to impact the society around her to understand the importance of mental health. Seeing as the society around her is one that has neglected the plight of women and their mental health, this then would create to combine both of her passions to bring about change. Growing up in a mostly women-ran household, Nino has had first hand experienced what an empowered woman is able to accomplish and from this came the yearning to do better and be better for the women in her society because if no one does it there will be a lot of wasted potential. 


Yvonne Mwanzile

Law Student, Intern

Yvonne Mwanzile is an aspiring lawyer interning at Sikhona Rescue Home offering the habitants legal aid and legal advice to manoeuvre their individual experiences within the Kenyan Legal Systems. Yvonne believes in creating a safe place for women facing any form of violence to find refuge and proper legal assistance to enable them to exist in society where they are safe and aware of the protections offered to them by the state through the law and can pursue any of those options. She also believes in creating a stable community where women participate in creating a safe environment for each other to thrive socially, politically and economically by connecting them with other women and equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to push them forward. She is currently a student at the University of Nairobi, School of Law pursuing her undergraduate degree with the aim of advocating for Women's rights in the journey towards attaining an equitable society.

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